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5Stargreen Building Panels for China

Von Dr. Oliver Everling | 22.März 2008

Nexis International Industries, Inc (www.nexisint.com) proposes to commence construction of two new manufacturing plants in China during 2008, one of which is intended to be located near Puyang City, in the Hualong District, Henan. Nexis International Industries have developed an innovative technology for an environmentally sustainable future. The Nexis Internationa Manufacturing System was created through significant research and development into an industrial solution that was able to solve three major issues facing governments and consumers: waste management, job creation and affordable housing. The Nexis International Manufacturing System is able to convert landfill destined waste into environmentally friendly building panels, marketed under the trade name „5Stargreen�?�“ for use in the construction of modular houses.

Mr Walter Filler (Executive Chairman) said that each plant will produce its 5StarGreen building panels, in high volume quantities that would be sufficient for the construction of over 100,000 modular dwellings per year. Filler said that each factory would supply 5StargreenTM building panels under exclusive arrangements to the market in China. The plants will produce building panels, using the Nexis innovative proven „green“ technology ‚end-to-end‘ solution that integrates commercial mixed solid waste as a major raw material. The plant will have the capacity to process up to 750,000 tonnes of mixed solid waste per year. Building panels produced are supplied to a developer/contractor, which is responsible for the construction of affordable homes in China, using Nexis‘ modular building systems.

The city government will provide land for the plant, as well as for the development of new housing estates containing Nexis designed homes built with 5StarGreen panels. The city government will assist in procuring necessary infrastructure such as water and hydraulic services, electrical power, and the road/rail transportation. The city government will provide long term supply of suitable waste for the plant. These arrangements were in line with the business model announced by the company in October 2007, under which Nexis would derive earnings from the receipt of waste processing fees, plant profits, end sales of 5Stargreen panels to the market and up-front distribution/ marketing license fees.

To underpin the construction of these plants, Nexis has already established the following arrangements: Appointment of an ‚umbrella‘ distribution licence agreement to cover all of China. Nexis will derive a licence fee of Euro € 20 million over the period prior to the first plant commencing operation, long term waste supply agreement with the city government for the first plant and agreements with the city for the provision of land and services for first plant.

Nexis is currently undertaking due-diligence on the waste supply provided by the City of Puyang and negotiating with a number of parties on the composition of consortium of developers/contractors that would operate under the umbrella distribution licence agreement. Upon finalisation of these, Nexis plans to arrange funding of the plants. Site works will be undertaken through Nexis‘ coordinating engineers Dieterich Beratende Ingenieure (www.dbi-dieterich.de) of Mainz, Germany and its main engineering contractor Eisenmann Machinebau AG (www.eisenmann.de) of Böblingen, Germany.

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